Amato Jeep Dealership

On April 24th, 2017 the Common Council voted to approve rezoning what used to be a Range Rover dealership and the old location of Silver Spring Automotive on corner of N Green Bay Ave and W Civic Drive for an Amato Jeep Dealership.  One thing I heard on the campaign trail is that we have plenty of car dealerships already along Green Bay and Silver Spring.  I have to personally agree; I'd prefer a more lively business like a Cafe Hollander. 

That said, what was done prior is done, and this area is already a car dealership strip.  A dealership alone is not as valuable as a dealership in a strip of others where consumers can check out various vehicles.  What was a dealership and an auto shop, is essentially becoming a larger dealership and auto shop.  Net zero in my opinion fun factor (well, Jeeps are fun), but a plus to the tax base.  Furthermore, Amato already has a presence in Glendale on Port Washington Road and now plans to move their headquarters to the new location.  Net positive for local jobs and the shops those employees will visit. 

Looking further down the road when I'm hoping cars will be driving themselves, the city has heard from many citizens worried about Green Bay Road turning into what is now North 76th street: empty parking lots.  Here's why I'm not worried.  David Hobbs Honda is laid out like a park, BMW of Milwaukee North has only display parking in front, while the Infinity dealership looks very much retail with only a single row of display parking.  In a similar fashion, the Plan Commission has done their part, with Amato partnering, to have the new dealership keep to one row of display parking in front, and second row for consumer parking.  All other inventory is in the back.  This is laid out much like any other retail development you will find virtually anywhere, and I would think could be re-purposed as such if needed in the future. 

Considering this location was prior a car dealership, and we have a strong partnering organization, I voted in favor.  

When revisiting the City of Glendale Vision over the next two years, I will push that we build a forward looking city wide plan so when properties like this turn over again, we can target zoning them differently.