Bike-able Glendale

Of recent note was expanding bike lanes on Bender road.  Have to say, I like bike lanes.  I ride a bike, my kids ride bikes, and it's good to not be as worried about being a hazard for traffic (more likely the other way around). 

Even still, the proposed bike lane between Green Bay Road and Port Washington Road troubled me some due to the lack of on-street parking.  We need to consider more than the popularity of being more bike-able. 

At a Common Council meeting the topic was deferred to 2018 when the road is up for repaving, and after more study is done about bike lanes in general across Glendale.  Doing a quick google search you can find a particular option that might work which leaves room for both bike lanes on one side and a parking lane on the other.  I hear most recently that there may be a way to make it work even with parking on both sides, we’ll see.

Another topic is connecting the Oak Leaf Trail to the Richard E. Maslowski Park. The cost to do this is not cheap, about $500,000 though work is in progress. The city has gotten a 50/50 split grant to do this work and is attempting to fund raise the other 50%. Adding infrastructure is a challenge in Glendale because we can’t increase our tax levy due to state law regardless if we wanted to for these efforts.

There's room for win / win solutions here, keeping in mind we need to do our homework before making decisions.  Glendale plans to study the full city as part of the Smart Growth plan to find how best to make it bike-able.  Now we just need to keep the topic moving.

March 12, 2019 Update. At the last council meeting, we just approved the contractor that will be resurfacing Bender Road and adding the bike lines.  It was great to see that our new contracted engineering firm found a sample of how this could be made to work without losing the parking lane and without needing to widen the road. This is the type of outside the box thinking I am happy to see in Glendale and is fully supported by myself and our community.