silverado memory care facility

On May 8th, 2017 the Common Council voted to approve rezoning what used to be a Masonic Lodge on the corner of Range Line Road and Green Bay Road for a Silverado Memory Care Facility.  There is a similar facility in Brookfield, which I toured with less than a day's notice to get a true representation of their operations.  The facility was top notch, and staff was spot on.  I counted cars for parking considerations, and drove by the property numerous other times to gauge traffic flow. 

Though I would personally prefer a more vibrant use, perhaps a restaurant or a commercial development, it was clear from the comments of neighbors in attendance at the meeting that traffic was a real concern due to that akward angled crossing.  A traffic study was done in advance of the meeting, and determined the memory care facility would not add a material amount of traffic since staff turns over in three shifts without overlapping the rush hours.  Residents do not drive, and specialist staff visits are not frequent.  All other developments, excluding a cemetery, per the traffic expert, would have more traffic. 

Considering this location was prior zoned for condos, and no other interest for development since 2006, this $11 million dollar investment to the community seems to be the best fit.  I voted in favor.