OPEN and Responsive government

For my day job we have something called Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for the business we conduct.  If you call or email me, you should receive a response within 48 hours.  My first and foremost job as your Alderman is to take your concerns or suggestions and bring them forward to our city staff or on the Common Council.  My first duty is to my 5th district constituents, then to the city in whole.  Together we will make a better Glendale. 

I use as many communication platforms as possible to keep us all informed of city business.  NextDoor goes a long way to allow our neighbors to share local topics; you can find me there.  Facebook is yet another way to connect; there as well.  This website is another way to keep my constituents informed, albeit more informative than social.  For feedback, I use both online and random location door to door surveys to gather your thoughts on key issues. 

Note, I do not use Twitter feeling that limited soundbites do not further a collaborative discussion.