building community

The primary factor for our move to Glendale was its strong sense of community.  This starts with family.  My wife's family still resides in Glendale with roots going back to when they immigrated from the former Soviet Union when she was six.

Neighbors are another extension of this.  It amazes me how many people do not know their neighbors.  I am fortunate to live next to some great ones.  Our Lake Glen Club has an annual summer party, camp out nights, and association meetings.  We also meet out in the water or on the ice as the weather permits.  I've had movies with my neighbors in my back yard on some tablecloths we string across an old dog-run line.  Now, we not only have fun, we also look out for each other.  I've helped one neighbor off his roof, another plows me out with his ATV in the winter.  The occasional phone call that I left my garage open is appreciated too! 

Schools are another sense of community.  Rada attended Hillel Academy and Nicolet High School.  Our 11-year-old son attends Glen Hills, and my eight-year-old son attends Parkway.  I have found our schools are top notch, and I want to keep them that way.  Even without my vested interest, I have always felt the value of a good education extends beyond the student.  An educated community makes better decisions.  An educated community has opportunities, reducing problems such as crime and poverty.  When asked about funding schools, the unstated alternative is funding criminal justice or social programs.  I want my children, my neighbors children, all children to have the same strong foundation I did.  Opportunity, plus hard work, results in success. 

Our churches, synagogues, and mosques also build community.  Near to us in the 5th District are a number of synagogues within an eruv helping join our Jewish community together.  Being welcomed, no matter what faith or background, is how one builds community. 

Add in a number of family friendly businesses (I have a weakness for Kilwins), parks (that traveling beer garden is great), and culture centers (German Fest at the Bavarian Bierhaus) to make Glendale a great place to live.