economic development

Glendale needs to inspire investment in newer restaurants, groceries, and retail shops.  Developments that families can frequent without driving to a neighboring suburb for dining and entertainment.  Bayshore Town Center is a great city hub, though many do not realize it is part of Glendale bordering Whitefish Bay.  I am a big fan of Brick and Jet's, on Green Bay Road, both great newer additions to the neighborhood, yet there are still too many other empty lots.  Each an opportunity for something fresh and new. 

Our city government must encourage economic success.  In 2018 the city refreshed our vision plan and referred it to our Plan Commission and Director of Community Development. The next step is revisiting our master plan as part of the Smart Growth initiative so we can encourage the developments we want where we now want them. My hope is for less car dealerships and nursing communities of which our city has plenty. 

Let's ensure a strong tax base now, yet create a vision businesses of the future can embrace. Part of this is welcoming small business owners making it easier to open their doors in our community.

A vibrant local economy not only creates local jobs, but also funds what is needed to make Glendale a desired place to live, work, and play.

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