campaign finance

Given the Glendale current population estimate is about 13,000, and it is broken into six districts, that's about 2,200 people in the 5th District.  One thing I need to indicate when filling out nomination papers, is if wanted to raise or spend more than $2,000 on my campaign; that's about a dollar per person.  If so, it would require a whole bunch of campaign committee finance reporting work.  The next question is how much should I throw in myself, versus try and raise.  Finally, I need to decide how to spend what funding I have for a campaign to best get the word out to those who do not know me, yet. 

Well, here's my answers... 

  1. Should I raise/spend more than $2,000?
    No. for both my two terms, I checked the less than $2,000 box.

    That's about a dollar per person in the district which I thought should be plenty considering I planned to do most the leg work (literally) myself.

  2. What should I cover myself?
    I fund most of my campaign out of my own pocket. Alderman is not a high paying job, at $2,700 per year, so overall I consider it a volunteer position both in time and money.
    I’m not a career politician, and never intend to be.

    That said, I would rather spend my time talking to my neighbors than fund-raising and filling out forms! We invested over $50,000 into an addition on our home about six years ago; this campaign was another investment in the community.

    I therefore can’t take more than $100 from any one person, even if someone wanted to give more, since I am not doing all that campaign finance paperwork.

  3. How I spend what little funding I have.
    I setup my own domain ($12/year), website ($16/month), and Facebook page (free). I did my own design of mailers, flyers, and yard signs. I couldn't print my own yard signs ($6/each), and my home printer isn’t great at turning out hundreds of full color copies so I turn to professionals for that (at maybe 10 cents/each).

So, like a local election should be, I keep things small