Believe it or not, this was a topic of discussion for the city.  I hope you read this as a general stance on how I feel about government overreach.

While my family and I enjoy the convenience of purchasing eggs at the local Pick n’ Save, we have neighbors who value fresh eggs, and who for awhile, kept chickens in their backyard. Then the law changed. A few years ago the Glendale common council passed an ordinance preventing Glendale residents from keeping chickens on their property. Since then our neighbors in Fox Point now allow them, and so does Milwaukee and River Hills to name a few.

I personally disagree with our ordinance and believe that the few households who have the time and energy to put into keeping backyard chickens should be allowed to do so. Communities that have said yes to backyard chicken coops typically do not allow roosters, and report few, if any, disturbances.  They do report neighbors who get together for brunch, with delicious omelets. Regardless how I feel, I still must act on behalf of my constituents.

To that end, I am currently conducting a survey online to get opinions on if and how the ordinance should be changed. I have also visited 15 random residences in the 5th District with the same survey. Feel free to chime in here.