The Glendale permit process is occasionally noted as an area that could use some revision.  Glendale requires permits for most things to uphold State law.  The summary list is here from the Glendale website. 

Many of these items we can all understand.  Permits help ensure quality work is done thereby mitigating the risk of serious property damage impacting the resident, neighbors, and ultimately the city.  I also recognize that permits ensure other aspects of city processes are followed such as Architectural Review Board and Zoning approval.  Finally permits enforcing state building codes are in many way required. 

The City does not have an army of inspectors trying to look for violations. Instead we contract out this service and attempt to minimize the costs. In 2017, Glendale created a new appliance permit costing much less than the electrical and plumbing permits needed before since they could be done at the same time. 

Keeping our homes up to code is in everyone’s best interest and consider the inspectors there for your safety.