Paris Agreement

On June 12th, 2017 the Common Council voted to approve joining a number of other cities that have adopted the goals of the Paris Agreement. You can read the resolution here starting on page 86.  Since I have gotten a call about this, I figured I would add this to my notable votes.  I voted in favor. 

First, I would like to clarify that this resolution, as was the Paris Accord, is not binding, instead it is aspirational taking a leadership role in renewal energy and climate planning for the City of Glendale.  

Tactically it does direct our city staff to explore renewable options for our City Hall renovation and to work in coordination with other municipalities to establish a climate plan.  Johnson Controls did great work on their headquarters making it nearly 100% renewable (would have been 100% except for a data center they host) so we have a local partner here to help.  Will we achieve the "goal" of 100%, I do not know, though setting a goal and exploring these options has merit.  Municipalities, unlike some businesses and home owners, have a longer time horizon to see the return on such investments.  Working with other municipalities on these topics helps us as well. 

The caller asked why national politics were brought to the local level with a concern that this resolution was purely political in nature.  I see this as a national topic with local relevance.  Our City Hall is soon to be renovated and we have concerns about flooding upstream of Lincoln Park, so there are real (non-political) reasons to take action.  That said, I heeded the warning of the divisive national tone reaching the local level, which was also cautioned by other memebers of the common council. 

All said, I see the resolution as a tool Glendale can use to benefit both our environment, and our future City Hall.