Walk-able Glendale

As I walk the streets of Glendale (literally) talking to my neighbors during cold, dark evenings, I clearly have heard and felt what many have been saying.  

Some may not know there is eruv encircling much of North Glendale allowing our Jewish community to carry during Sabbath. A good many in our district walk our streets on Friday nights and Saturday mornings to their places of worship.  At night this can be a real risk, especially with cars speeding through our streets and through our stop signs. 

Portions of Green Bay Avenue are a great example of where we could use more sidewalk. Partnering with other government entities (Green Bay is actually State highway 57) during planned reconstruction is a way of doing this.

I feel there are solutions that do not require the addition of side walks everywhere which add to city and resident maintenance.  Considerations such as carefully placed lighting, speed displays, and police patrols all would help.  A quaint and quiet community feel does require limited lighting, though has to be balanced with safety. Well marked bike lanes, could informally serve a dual purpose for side walks as well. 

Walking builds community.  I have met many (and their dogs) simply by crossing paths.